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Why should I choose VGW over other monument makers?

Our mission is to not only provide you with a tombstone, but to provide you with the right tombstone, the one that will tell your story while fitting into your budget. And we want it to last as close to forever as possible.

We are very picky about the granite we use and the accessories we attach to it. Most of our granites are domestically quarried and manufactured. We believe in supporting companies in the USA. For those granites that are imported, we use domestic suppliers to import and manufacture them when able. For our accessories like vases and porcelain pictures, nothing but the best will do. Our porcelain pictures are the best, longest-lasting in the industry with a guarantee second to none. If the accessory won’t last as long as the memorial, we won’t sell it.

How to choose your monument. 

Choosing a monument does not have to be daunting. We have created a FREE guide to assist that you can download here. 

The first step is to know which cemetery the monument is going to and what the regulations are in the section of the cemetery. Don’t know? We can help with that.

Once you know what you can have, you should decide if you want to tell a story of the person or persons this is for or if you want to have something simple in order to mark the grave. We encourage storytelling, as many options are included with the price of the memorial and future generations will want to know about their Grandpa, Aunt, or Uncle.

If you aren’t sure what you want but have a general idea of what story the memorial could tell, our memorialist can take your ideas and weave them into a story for the memorial. With every memorial, we provide renderings to make sure you get the memorial you want.

How long does it take? What’s the process?

 The first step in the process is to contact us, either in person, via phone, email or this contact form [link] to talk to a memorialist. You don’t even need to know exactly what you want to do. Our memorialists are trained to help you through the process, understand the options, and ultimately guide you to a monument you will be happy to see. We will take care of all the details of the memorial, from design to installation.

 Once layouts are approved and the engraving on your monument is completed, we will arrange for installation with the cemetery and let you know it is complete. If you are out of the area, we will send you a photo of the completed headstone.


Items in stock generally take about 8-10 weeks from order to installation. Items we have to order will add 6-8 weeks or more depending on where the granite is coming from. Most of the granite we use is sourced in North America but some granites are located overseas and take additional time to get to us before we can do our work on the memorial.


Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we back all our memorials with our written 10 warranty against defects in craftsmanship or materials.

5 Frequently asked questions

  • I have my own design. Can you do it? Yes we can. We can work off most of any drawings or pictures you bring to us. Depending on what format you provide this to us, there may be an additional charge.

  • Why don’t you have prices on your web site? We don’t have prices on our web site because everything we do is a custom work of art just for the families we serve. There are many different options that can vary the price of your memorial. No matter what your budget is, you can be assured you will be receiving the best value for your dollar.

  • Do you have in-home consultations? Yes, we can come to your home and show you some of the options available and talk over with you your desires for the story you want told. Please contact us to make an appointment.

  • Do you do your own work? Yes, we complete the lettering and artwork on the granite monuments we design for you.
  • What is Memorial Grade Granite? Memorial Grade Granite is granite that is free of cracks, seams, or faults that will cause it to fall apart over time. Memorial Grade Granite also will not discolor in the sun nor will it have a lacquered polish. All the polishing on a Memorial Grade Granite monument is achieved by using polishing bricks, starting with a course one and moving to a finer and finer brick ending with a buffing pad to bring out its natural shine.


A Family First Business for a 100 years

There have been many fads over the nearly 100 years we have been in business. From “white bronze” monuments to glass and concrete markers to marble monuments sold at Sears, we have seen a thing or two and know what it will take to have your memorial last. We will only provide our families with memorials that will stand the test of time.


From our family run business to you, we look forward to helping you design a memorial tribute for your loved one.

Why we love serving Long Beach, Washington

We have grown up here in the Pacific Northwest and love serving our friends and neighbors with a product that is designed to stand the test of time. When we stroll through cemeteries and see some of the headstones there that cut corners, skimped or otherwise will fall apart in a few short years, we get sad. Sad that this person’s memorial won’t be there for future generations. Sad that the sentiment will be gone or unreadable, sad that we were unable to get the education into their hands to make the right decision for their family…whether we helped them or not.


The people in the NW are some of the nicest, most interesting people you’ll meet. And we want to be sure they have their story told….forever.

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