Memorial Grade Granite Color Options

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Why Memorial Grade Granite?

Vancouver Granite Works has many color options available for your granite headstone, grave marker, or monument. Most of our colors of granite are quarried from North America and specifically the United States. Granites that are not quarried in North America are typically manufactured in the US from blocks sent in from overseas quarries.

We use these stones so we can provide you with the best options in the best granites to tell your story in the best way possible. And all our granites come with warranties to protect your memorial.

Blue Pearl Granite Example

Blue Pearl Granite Example

What to Know When Choosing a Granite Color

There are a large variety of popular granite colors from grays to reds to browns to pinks to blues. Some colors have variegation and some are very consistent in color and graining. You can see them here. All our granite color options are made from Memorial Grade Granite, which means it does not have any faults, cracks or seems and that it will not fall apart or fade in the weather. Non-Memorial Grade Granites may develop cracks or fade in the sun due to their inferior ability to be outside and stand the test of time.

At Vancouver Granite Works, we will only use Memorial Grade Granite for your graves marker or tombstone. You can see on our How to Spot Low Quality Monuments page some examples of what happens when you use low quality materials.

The various options for granite colors should be looked at in concert with the story you want to tell. For instance, your family member may have been from the Dakotas. Our Mahogany granite may work well as a base for the story. Or perhaps their favorite color is blue. A bluish granite like Bahama Blue or Sapphire Pearl could be an option.

If you have a lot text or a lot of fine detail on a design you will want to choose a granite color that has a fine grain to it so that the text or design has the best potential for keeping all the centers of letters or other small design parts. If you have an etching, you will definitely need to have a dark color. And if you have a etched portrait we recommend Premium Black for the best contrast and least amount of grain showing through the portrait

granite texture wheel example

Granite Texture Wheel

Using Texture to Enhance Color

We can also use old-school textures on the stone to further highlight and enhance the look and feel of the story. Unpolished (frosted) stone areas can enhance the contrast of the names by placing light-colored boxes around them or can be used for the larger text if we use it on the stroke of the letter.

We use rock-pitched (natural stone look) to protect the edges of stones from lawnmowers or to bring attention to areas on the monument or tombstone. Heavily textured surfaces can further enhance the look we are going for or your gravestone or headstone; we have many options to help you tell your story.

Our How To Buy a Monument guide can help you through the process of telling your story on your headstone or tombstone and our memorialists can help you choose the best granite options for that story. We have showrooms in both Astoria, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington that feature all our granite colors options for you to see in person. Each office has experienced memorialists to show you the different granite colors and to help you choose the right one for your story. We invite you to call us today to set up an appointment.

Vancouver Granite Works is by far, the most experienced monument retailer in the area. By choosing us to help you with your headstone, you can be assured that you will end up with a memorial tribute that is enduring, artistic, and will fit with your budget. We look forward to helping you with your cemetery memorial marker. Contact us today.


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