Bronze Cemetery Markers

If you are looking to memorialize someone at a cemetery that has all bronze headstones like Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Vancouver, WA or you just like the look of bronze, we can help you.

Our bronze memorials are made using a direct to metal process instead of sand cast bronze. This means they are 3 times stronger and 2.5 times harder than traditional cast bronze. Don’t take our word for it. This was tested by an independent laboratory in 2003, Sherry Laboratories, in Muncie, Indiana, for our supplier.

There are two big advantages for the direct to metal process of bronze memorialization. First, you can get incredible detail and add full color to the design. Second, because the bronze is not cast, there is no large void area behind the bronze memorial. This means if a tractor or lawn mower drives across the memorial it will not bend.

All our bronze grave markers have a 15 year warranty on the finish. That means 15 years from now the marker will look just as good as when it went in or it will get repaired or refinished for you, FREE.

The starting price on the basic bronze memorial is typically lower than the cast bronze markers the cemetery will show to you. Plus, if you want to truly tell a story in bronze, we have many options available to you from College’s of portraits to Gallery images from artists such as Thomas Kinkade. We can even have your bronze memorial in full color.

Stop by our showroom and see some of the options available to you in a bronze grave marker. You will be glad you did.


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