Cremation and Tombstones

“After my father was cremated and my family scattered his ashes, I felt I really needed to create a ‘place’ to connect with him. Thank you so much for helping me choose a beautiful marker for my garden. Now I feel like Dad is always with me.”

For those who select cremation as their end-of-life preference, the placement of a memorial can offer a comforting complement to that option. We can create a wide variety of memorials—from small, natural-rock etched designs that blend into the surroundings, to graceful engraved stone benches that provide a place to sit and reflect, to elaborate sculptural pieces that provide an artistic homage.

Memorials need not be in a cemetery. Many of our clients prefer to mark a special spot—such as in a garden, a park or another tranquil place—they can visit to connect with the memory of a loved one.

Of course, memorials can be placed in a cemetery, even when the remains themselves have been scattered. Wherever they are placed, memorials are for the living and provide a way to evoke the loved one’s life story for generations to come.

Cremation is not a deterrent to commemorating your loved one. We would be pleased to talk through this option with you.

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