Why Footstone Grave Markers Are Important

For millennia, people have been marking their loved one’s final resting places with stone. These markers traditionally bear the deceased’s name, date of birth and death, and a personal message or prayer. When thinking of grave markers, most people likely imagine a headstone–a stone monument positioned at the top of a grave. But footstone grave […]

What is the Best Material for a Gravestone?

There are generally three materials monuments and headstones are made from marble, bronze, or granite. Other materials have been used from glass to basalt, but many cemeteries have specific requirements for the material you can use. Most stones can come in a variety of colors, from reds to grays to pinks to blacks or even […]

Funeral Homes and Cemetery Partners

Below is a list of Funeral Homes and Cemeteries that Vancouver Granite Works partners with: Funeral Homes Hamilton Mylan Funeral Home – Vancouver, Washington  www.hamiltonmylan.com Cascadia Cremation and Burial Service – Vancouver, Washington  www.cascadiacremation.com Omega Cremation and Burial – Portland, Oregon    www.omegaservices.com Hustad Funeral Home – Portland, Oregon    www.hustadfuneralhome.com Cemeteries Memory Memorial Park – Vancouver, […]

Bronze Cemetery Markers

If you are looking to memorialize someone at a cemetery that has all bronze headstones like Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Vancouver, WA or you just like the look of bronze, we can help you. Our bronze memorials are made using a direct to metal process instead of sand cast bronze. This means they are […]

Telling Your Story In Stone

Our 19-Step Story-Telling Process View Our 13 Point Inspection Procedure Telling your story in an artistic and long lasting way requires dedication to you, our craft and quality materials. In addition to our rigorous quality control standards, each memorial we install passes through each of 19 steps in our Story Telling Process. Step 1 Our […]

Cremation and Tombstones

“After my father was cremated and my family scattered his ashes, I felt I really needed to create a ‘place’ to connect with him. Thank you so much for helping me choose a beautiful marker for my garden. Now I feel like Dad is always with me.” -S.M. of Portland, OR For those who select […]

How To Clean Your Headstone

Click to Download brochure “It was comforting for me to have you take care of this service for my mother. I know she would have been as pleased as I am with your work. Thank you!” -M.N. of Vancouver, WA The Cleaning Process Now that you have your beautiful monument installed in the cemetery, you’ll […]

Pre-need Memorials

Reasons to Plan For Your Monument In Advance Here are six reasons for planning your family memorial in advance. The truth is that once plans for your memorial have been made, you will feel much better. You will have made a wise decision based on good advice. Join the growing number of families who are […]

How To Spot Low Quality Headstones

Here are examples of what to avoid when choosing your monument or marker. We found these different memorials at various cemeteries around the area. We feel bad for the families who chose monument companies or funeral homes that sold them these monuments that either have inferior craftsmanship or will not stand up to the test […]

How to Select a Memorial

Download our FREE Guide – How to Buy a Monument. Buying a memorial is an important decision and VGW is committed to making sure you and your family have a memorial of the highest quality, whether you buy from us or not. Here are the five key factors to consider: The Integrity of Memorial Grade […]

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