How to Select a Memorial

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Buying a memorial is an important decision and VGW is committed to making sure you and your family have a memorial of the highest quality, whether you buy from us or not. Here are the five key factors to consider:

The Integrity of Memorial Grade Granite

Make sure that the stone is Memorial Grade Granite so that you are certain the memorial will not crack or fall apart over time due to normal weather conditions or fade in the sun.

Artistry That Captures Your Loved One’s Story

Take the extra time to work with the memorial retailer to design a memorial that combines just the right text, style and imagery to reflect the essence of your loved one’s life now and for generations to come.

A Paper Layout to Verify Spelling and Design

You should receive a paper layout, or even a better a color rendering, that you can use to verify spelling, dates, images and design features before anything is written in stone to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A Reinforced Concrete or Granite Foundation

The foundation should be made of reinforced concrete or granite to protect the memorial and keep it from tipping.

Written Warranty on Quality and Craftsmanship

You want the company to stand behind the memorial’s quality and craftsmanship with a written warranty.

Call Vancouver Granite Works, Inc. today for more information on how we can create a finely crafted memorial that meets cemetery requirements, your design aesthetic, and your budget. Vancouver Granite Works provides Memorial Grade Granite, top memorial artistry to tell your story, colored renderings, reinforced concrete foundations or granite foundations and a written warranty on all of our work.

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