We offer an extensive array of granite colors for your monument, headstone or grave marker. Please remember that granite is a natural material and as such the color you see here could vary from the actual granite.

All of our granite is made from Memorial Grade Granite which is the type of granite that has the right mix of minerals and was cooled over just the right period of time to create granite that will withstand the test of time. Memorial Grade Granite doesn’t have any faults, cracks or seams that will cause it to fall apart overtime. Nor does it have any lacquers or other man-made products applied to make it look polished or to enhance the color. Some granites can actually fade in the sun. Memorial Grade granite will never loose its color being in the sun.

At Vancouver Granite Works, we also prefer to use granites quarried in the United States. If a color of granite is not available from a domestic or North American quarry, then we prefer to have manufacturers that bring in their own quarry blocks to manufacture your memorials. This ensures that we can maintain quality control from the quarry to the cemetery and to provide you with a worry free and long lasting headstone or grave marker.

We have examples of all of these colors of granite in our showroom. We invite you to visit our showroom to see them in person to truly see the beauty of the stone. Visit us today.